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So. I know you’ve all been waiting patiently to hear the other Future Fish solo versions… Welp. The bad news is that I can’t give those to you guys yet. The good news is that I can offer you 15 minutes of the solos mixed together into duets to satisfy all of your OTP needs (where the main five are concerned, at least). If you have a NOTP or something you don’t want to listen to then refer to this for listening times:

0:00 Makoto & Haru
1:38 Nagisa & Rei
2:51 Haru & Rin
4:05 Rei & Makoto
5:19 Rin & Nagisa
6:32 Rei & Haru
7:46 Makoto & Rin
9:00 Haru & Nagisa
10:14 Rin & Rei
11:27 Nagisa & Makoto
12:40 Makoto, Haru, & Rin
13:54 All solos mixed together

I had to compress the file a bit so that all fifteen minutes would fit into Tumblr’s 10MB audio upload limit so a slightly better quality can be downloaded here.

If you close your eyes and concentrate you can hear how nerdy and fucking genki Rei is in his solo GOD BLESS.


(Source: nicovideo.jp)