You forgot the part where Haruka screams "MAKOTO!" during the iwatobi vs samezuka regionals

Thank you for pointing it out! I totally forgot that part… I will add it when all BD/DVD and drama CDs are released!

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Haruka saying Makoto’s name Season 2 (ES01-13, DramaCD01, BD Bonus01)

00:00-00:24 ES EP01-13
00:25-00:49 Drama CD 1
00:50-00:54 BD01 Bonus Drama CD

I also collected the scenes where Haruka says “Makoto” from Free!ES EP01-13, Drama CD1 and BD Bonus Drama CD1.

***I forgot the part where he shouts “Makoto!” during Iwatobi vs Samezuka regionals in episode 10. (Thank you, bloodlustingrabbit!) This one will be added when all BD/DVDs and drama CDs are released.

Please enjoy his endearing voice to call his best friend and let me know if any other “Makoto” is missed!

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All the “Makoto” from Free! S1

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Makoto saying Haruka’s name Season 2 (ES01-13, DramaCD01, BD Bonus01)

00:00-02:50 ES EP01-13
02:50-03:52 Drama CD 1
03:53-04:02 BD01 Bonus Drama CD
04:03-04:14 Birthday Message for Haruka (2014)

It’s me again. I collected “Haru”, “Haruka” and “Haru-chan” from Free!ES EP01-13, Drama CD1, BD Bonus Drama CD1, and a birthday message for Haruka on 2014/06/30.
I thought Makoto would say “Haru” much less times in Free!ES than in Free!ISC because there’re more characters in S2, but this assumption has turned out to be wrong. (120 in Free!ISC 01-12 and 110 in Free!ES 01-13)
Please let me know if any “Haru” is missed.

Video on youtube:
All the “Haru” from Free! S1: